Sunday, April 17, 2011

You and Me

May is National Scrapbooking Month. What does that mean for you? What it means for me is the "You and Me" kit available in May. These layouts are supreme.

Now, I normally fill my time making cards and teaching card classes, but this kit just sent shivers up my spine. I love it so much, I'm printing out photos this week to complete them.

  Now, I must say that I had to get used to the new printed cardstock paper. I wanted more! The kit is nicely packaged to be used up. AND USE IT UP I DID!

I made both layouts and 3 cards with the minimal scraps leftover.I did have plenty of Opaques left, but I can never have too many of those. (No hitchhikers this time! See previous post)

I used all the Dimensional Elements and all the scraps that were big enough that made sense to use. The flowers were also made from scrap paper. 
Now, I can definitely see the benefits from having a paper pack like this. If I use up all my paper, I will have no excuses like...I'm not getting anymore paper until I use up what I have...or I don't have girls so this paper won't work for, no, no more excuses. The pack is gone AND I WANT MORE! Hmm... what will I do?

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  1. The layout is nice, and I really like the cards made from leftovers, Sherry.