Thursday, April 7, 2011

Leadershare in Navarre Florida...aahhh

This past weekend was so wonderful! Spending time and learning with my creative sisters was the best! LeaderShare was a time for regional consultants to learn, share and be motivated. It was also a great get away from the hustle and bustle of my daily routine. It almost felt like make believe...but it was oh so real.

The atmosphere was festive...

The treats were not lacking...

And the friends were plenty...

There was one thing I did not expect to get during LeaderShare...and that was TICKS! Yes, you heard me, ticks! How did I get ticks at the beach you ask? Well, I asked the same thing! I about came out my skin!!! How did I get them?! Did I get them on the beach? Did I get them at the conference center? I couldn't imagine where I got them! Can you tell where I got them?

Those are some funny looking ticks...they're so round. And sized so perfectly...wait a minute...THOSE AREN'T TICKS! What is it? GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!

Can you say Mocha Opaques!

Oh what a relief! I think I would have gone out of the restaurant running if they had been ticks. We laughed so hard! All I know is that I was happy that I didn't have ticks!!! Now I know you want to know how in the world I got 2 Mocha Opaques under my arm. Well, I pondered over that one and finally figured it out.

While at the beach, I put my flip flops underneath my arm while walking on that beautiful sand so that we could take our team pictures.

I had decorated my flip flops with Mocha Opaques and they must have gotten free from my flip flops and attached themselves to me!! Do you see the missing Opaques?

Needless to say, I will cherish EVERY moment that I had at LeaderShare!

And one of the most special moments was touring Tina Sutton's craft room and lovely home. Tina opened up her home to us and her heart and I will be forever grateful for all her inspiration.


  1. Oh Sherry, it is as funny reading it as it was living it -- I will never look at a Mocha Opaque the same! What a great laugh that was.

    Thanks for all the fun and wonderful moments.

    Hugs, Debbie Taylor

  2. You had me scard with those opaques! I'm so glad they weren't ticks :) I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.