Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where oh where is it?

It's funny how one magnificent event can change a persons life. My friend, is teasing me because before convention I had no use for the Cricut. Did not use it and never thought I would. Why, you ask? Because I couldn't use it to cut out my stamped images! If you know me you know I love my stamps - but as much as I love them I can only cut the stamped images out by using my trusty micro tip scissors. Now don't get me wrong, I love fussy cutting. There's something that challenges me and excites me about precisely cutting out my stamped images. BUT I've come into the Cricut generation due to Art Philosophy. 
Close To My Heart offers beautiful stamps that can be used in junction with the Cricut cutting divine! Now here's the crazy part - I bought an Art Philosophy Bundle and I don't own a Cricut. SO I've been using my dear friend Angela's machine. I've had so much fun. 

Well, I told my husband I could wait for my birthday...October, or maybe even Christmas. Who was I fooling!! Only myself.!! I can't wait! I need a Cricut now! 

So I did it...I bought a Cricut Expression and I've been so excited about the great deal I got. but the hard part is I'm having to WAIT for it to be delivered. OH THE WAIT!! Where is it? Is it close? Oh the agony!

In the mean time here's a card I've made!

 I used the Roxie Level II paper pack and made flower using the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.

I'll be sharing more projects over the next few days!